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happy anniversary!!


Beautiful story, adorable couple. Happy anniversary Ramel and Ellia.


Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Lovely wedding pictures, too.


What a beautiful aunt Delia xx Her love and goodness to you and Ramel shows in the photos - what lovely memories. Happy anniversary :)

I've not been blogging for a few weeks but how great to come back and read your little ramblings once again. Loving Ramel's illustrations too :)


how beautiful - you make a stunning couple!!! Happy Anniversary my friend - have a FAB night (wink wink)...your Aunt Delia sounds like a beautiful person and you have your gorgeous dress to remember her by.

li li

Happy Anniversary!!!! Lovely wedding photos and story, thanks for sharing. ^o^ I know how it feels to lose a dear one but I guess they are now in another happy world and will always be blessing us.


Ellia happy anniversary it was sure nice to mention Delia on here even now while I am writing you I am crying can't see the key boards sure miss her.Very sweet and funny story about you and Ramel now I am laughing cause you sure are funny.Love you Mom!

Great Dane Addict

Happy Anniversary! Your pics are beautiful!

And to think I've been reading your blog for weeks and had no idea you were so close to me (unless of course you no longer live in or near Milwaukee!) I'm in Brookfield.


felicidades! what a beauiful couple! i find it funny how with my husband it seems like time had flown yet at the same time it feels like we've been together forever.


Congratulations - you are a beautiful couple!! Enjoy many many more years together!


Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your story. Such a loving aunt - I'm sure she will be with you always. Wishing you many more happy years to come!


Thank you for sharing your story of love with Ramel! Congratulations on your day!


You're beautiful!! Wow..your wedding looked so special and pretty. What a handsome hubby you got there missy. Congrats on your anniversary and may the Lord bless your marriage for many more years to come.


happy anniversary! what a lovely story, full of blessings. wishing you many more.


Feliz Aniversario!

Your pics brought out the Hispanic in me =P


What a wonderful story babe! Her we are now another anniversary fast approaching, and I Still couldn't imagine life without you! From getting your number in September of 2001 to writing this, March 2009..you have been a dream come true!

I thank you for sticking by my side through some rough patches...I am still learning about this thing called love and I am still learning about you sweety! I love you dearly and it blossoms and grows with each passing day! I still day dream about you at times...

(you forgot about the gum -kiss- move I tried on you, and failed at! :)

Well sweety lookin' forward to seeing more post and reading your posts!

See ya soon when you wake up!

Love- the husband!

Ramel Hill

Well it's 2011 and I still love reading this post! love ya babe! Let's make it a nice 8 years married this year and 10 years together!!!

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