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this sounds like another fun swap Ellia!!


sounds like fun!!


Oh I dont think Australian customs allow food items into our country....just a heads up!

li li

Ellia, can I know when is shipping due?


I just wanted to say thanks so much for sending me the note, and i'm glad
you did. I will look out for the next round of vintage love swap for sure! I live in Toronto, so i hope to find someone who will swap with me across the border!

Thanks also for sending me a link to your blog - those boys are lovely!


Toys AND candy? How can I pass this up? I'll email later tonight!


Europe can be included in the swap?!

Sounds like fun... altough I've never done any and I'm not sure what shall I do...


thank you so much for the mention of my blog. I am having so much fun designing cards and then working on them.


Oh My Ellia Pilly Head I made up my mind ...Yes yes yes count me in!!


i've just sent an email
hope i'm not too late
and cool to see i'm not the only canadian


I sent an email this morning. Let me know if you have questions. :-)

mary ann

i'm there on this one! tell me the who, where. etc...love this!!!!

Mint Chutney

Junk food and crafting??? It's my idea of heaven.


Totally rad and right up my alley!! I'm so in!


Hope I'm not late! This swapping thing sounds fun! Im off to email right now :)


I'll be sending an email soon too - when is the cut off? I think candy/junk should be fine for Australia as long as there are no seeds etc


i sent an email about joining this swap but never heard back. when will we know who we're partnered with and when we should ship packages? thanks! :)


oH, is there still room??? This sounds so fun!!


I want to join with this swap at some point. Can I do the next round?


Hey!! Ellia.. Your stuffs are really awesome!!! ((:
I just browsed through most of your stuff coincidentally and I falled in love with it oh-so-immediately!!
I was wondering if I can contact you through anything? I want to ask u some questions on how to make these stuff!! ((: U inspire me!
But unfortunately, I wanted to buy some but my mom says NO... Its sad ): but ur designs are so far the BEST I've ever seen! I have an online store.. maybe I can help to you to sell some of your stuffs?

I hope you'll reply me soon! and yes I'm an Asian xD


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