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Ellia, this is a great idea. I know I can use some motivation for completing some of my WIPs.


Yay!! And we're off! Way cute button too btw. I just have to find a way to put it in my LJ.



..great idea. I have 2 crocheted baby blankets WIP ..but the lil man is keeping me knee high in poopy that I can hardly do a row per day! eek!


Great Idea but OMG I now have so much to do. I better go :) haha


count me in! my month is going to be all about finishing off all the works in progress I've got going. awesome idea ellia!


Do projects that I was supposed to finish but haven't even started yet, count too? :) If so, count me in! I have lots of those!


i have quite a few projects that need finishing...


This is an awsome idea!!!!


aw, that is a cool idea. i've realized i'm going to be 'finishing what i started' probably until the end of summer. ack!


Oh, count me in - I liked the idea of "using what you have" and this is even more appropriate - I have several knitted objects which have been languishing undevservedly.


Very cool idea!

Stephania Fregosi

I've already sworn to knit four unfinished projects before I move this July. Great to have company!


Cool idea -- too bad I missed the month. There is another site that is doing it for this month.

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