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My name is Ellia Ana Hill but am known as Greenbeanbaby. I'm a 30yr old cut paper illustrator who also happens to be a wife and a mother, with an addiction to coffee.

While raising a family is a 24/7 job, I spend free time, days, and nights in my studio creating cut paper illustrations for freelance jobs [all the while sipping on coffee]. At times, especially during a creative block, I look to my xbox 360 for some competitive thrill. Game on!

At this time, I am working on several freelance projects including rubber stamp designs, stock illustration, and at times infographics for various clients.


besides illustration and entertaining my kids? drinking coffee, reading books, playing video games with my hubby, walking to target for candy, eating homemade cookies, dancing to music, attempting to sew, talking, drinking more coffee, visiting family, watching b&w and modern movies, playing scrabble, listening to old records, crafting in general... i like a lot of things... [good thing you didn't ask me what i didn't like]