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Hurrah! A shop update. I look forward to seeing what's in store! I like Heroes best out of your top 5 modern television shows! I will do my tag when I can think of 5 favourites of something!


Weee!! Your updating your shop plus your having prints! Yay! I'm glad you decided to =) I like Heroes best as well out of the list lol. I stopped watching Smallville a few seasons ago.


have fun creating Elia!!


Cool! :) I can't wait to see your shop restocked again. Maybe this time I can spend some money and buy some of your wonderful paper cut creations!

I heard Heroes was really good. My friend is really addicted to Heroes.


I'm honored.
And quite fond of your list...except I'd have 30 Rock and Mad Men in there somewhere.


Alright Ellia.I am so happy your esty shop will be open soon.Love mom.P.S.Love all your new art work:)


YAY!!!! Can't wait until july 11!


Done and done :D I like 2 off your list.. X-files.. and Heros.. Both I would watch numerous times if there was more of it.. In this list I would have had Dr. Who, Rome, House, Heros, X-files :) Thanks for tagging me :)

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