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I am so glad this "onece upon time story" has a good ending☻♥


oops spell check☻


Ellia, sso orry to read about the whole fiasco with your computer - it's a good thing that you have copies of the files elsewhere and have been able to retrieve photos of the kids. I hope it will be nothing but smooth sailing for you and your imac from now on :-)

Hope Isabella is adjusting well to the new sleep method (we employed the same kind of method on the 2 girls and it was successful for both. Just go with whatever works best for you and your family).


Yikes! That is one of my worst fears....losing all of my pictures! Glad that things are almost back to normal.


Ellia!! My dear Ellia, how horrible :( I'm glad you were able to retrieve SOME files, it really sucks when stuff like that happens. Coming from a tech employee standpoint, however, I have a feeling that if you guys wouldn't have tried to turn on the computer and had taken it back to the store where you bought it, you may not have lost all those files :\
I think sometimes the more you mess with it, the worse things get..
Thank goodness you upload most of the pics you take/work you do to Flickr! Flickr saves the day :)
Good luck with your second iBook! Hopefully this one works without any problems...


Oh no! Poor you and husband. :( I think this weekend I'll be backing up files.


That's so heartbreaking to read. I am so sorry, for both of you! I know how long it takes to copy from sites to the computer once again, how I wish I could help you!


I wish you good luck with nem computer ;)
have a nice weekend!


Oh you poor sweeties! I'm sorry you both had to go through this.
What a relief for flickr and your blog.
Hugs to you and here's to a year of stress free computering.


OH Ellia! How horrible :(
I hope you can recover some of your pictures.


Oh that is horrible! Computers can really complicate things so much can't they. *hugs*

I'm leaving for the Philippines tonight! Eep! So I hope I can still check things out in the blog world =)


oh no!! that's so frustrating. sorry you've been to computer heck and back. i'm always afraid something will happen to my computer (like me or a virus) so i bought an external drive to backup to. i think mine is 200 gb and i got it for $80?? good luck with everything!!


I'm so sorry! But sometimes a fresh start can be good, no?


I feel for you. What a relief you have your blog and your pictures on Flickr. Good luck with the new computer!

Nuno Coelho

Hey that was too bad... But hey! dont forget to burn some backup dvd's one in a while, and buy a external hard drive too!

kisses from portugal.

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