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aww! It is so hard to do the CIO for everyone involved. We had to do this with Lani and it took about a week, but now she has been sleeping through the night since August. We also are able to just lay her in the crib when before she had to be nursed or sound asleep. Good luck:)


Kudos, girl. I do not have the guts to do it. I am sure it will be done the next time around, though.

Seriously, you have some serious guts.


It is so hard to do, but everyone will feel better in the end. Our babe (almost two now!) loves to get in her crib now. She lays down, scoots to one corner, sucks her thumb, and goes to sleep. Of course, the first couple of times we tried to put her in the crib, she screeched and screeched. Hang in there!


Poor Isabella. She says it wasn't HER New Year's Resolution.


I love the illustration, especially the two bottom teeth. I hope that Isabella soon gets used to her new sleep routine and I bet you do too!

Lis Garrett ~a writer's woolgatherings

Seriously, I am TOO chicken to do the Ferber method. Although, now that Bridget is 2.5, she is able to get out of her big-girl bed herself. I nurse her to sleep (yes, I still nurse) and she stays in her own bed until about midnight. At that point, she climbs in bed beside me. For us, co-sleeping was easier. We tried letter her cry it out a few times, but the girl was relentless. And I just couldn't bear the thought of her crying it out and wondering, "Where's my mommy? Why doesn't anyone come get me? Doesn't anybody love me?" As you can tell, I am easily made to feel guilty . . .


UGH...I remember going through nights of this...feeling like the worst mom on the planet and in the end it was SO worth it...stick to your guns... I swear those little ones know how to push our 'guilt' buttons...


Hope it gets better and better.She is sure cute even if she's pissed off.:) There are so many different methods and ways to get a little one to go to bed but I think the best thing is to pick one and stick to it. Good luck!


Great illustration as always! Bless you, I know it's hard but it will pay off you will really enjoy the routine, (it will be YOUR time). What I found helped is complete darkness, I used a blackout blind and curtains and NO nightlight. I only did the crying out once but discovered that Dillon had a touch of collick, go figure! Good Luck! Kim


Aww she's still so cute! It would be so hard to hear them cry.
Cute illustration though. I hope it all goes well for all of you =)

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