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wonderful! wonderful! wonderful!


My, what a mixed New Year you are having! Maybe you'll get all the drama done in one month and that'll be it.

In the meantime, love those photos, no matter how grainy, of little Isabella and be glad you're not in the old Brownine camera days, when there were no scanners and your film had to be sent off. lol


It is lovely to see Isabella walking about with her broad smile! I hope that your year steadily improves. It looks like you have had a testing time so far............


Way to go Isabella! She has to keep up with big brother so she's starting early. And I hope things get better for you. I always figure they can't get any worse so...There's weird things that happen sometimes or bad things in the case of me during certain times of the year. One year the Mercury retrograde thing kicked our bum bums, one thing after the other and it was awful! I then realized Mercury was in retrograde and bad things happen with communication or electronics or something during that time.

Kristen Mary

That is so cute that Diego is excited about her progress!! Hopefully this is a good omen to turn your 2008 around.


Congratulations to Isabella! I agree with other commenters that it's a good omen for things to come!

Heather T.

I can't believe she is walking already!!! That's really fabulous!

Lis Garrett

Hardly seems possible that she's walking!

PS - I had that SAME doll buggy when I was little!


WOW! I can't even imagine her walking yet:)


yay, she's walking ;)
I still remeber to read that she was born as she's already walking?? OMG, I'm getting old!!

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