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Oh my gosh, your wolverine character is my son to a T !!
But he is nearly 16 so don't tell him I told you that. ;o)
We are anticipating the new wolverine movie, can't wait!


Wally West and Wolverine? Was this post brought to us by the letter 'w'? Tee Hee
As for me...hmmm...Black Canary had a rockin' hot costume.


Those are adorable!

It's hard to pick a superhero. As a kid I loved Wonder Woman. But now I'd probably lean more towards Shadowcat or Anita Blake (she should count, she's a necromancer and all).


Thanks Ellia for the shout!!! I must admit I am married to the greatest man on earth.
Your characters are so cool and I love them.☻♥


Such cool interesting characters and colours and you couldn't be greenbean baby without your love of green, go with your heart! Kim :)


Wonderful artwork! I am so envious of your skill.

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