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I hear ya, sister! I am relatively new to the swap scene but I have to say I throw myself into it. I think about each item I send and why it fits the recipient. I hope they like it.

Unfortunately, in my super short swapping time, I have encountered all of this you mentioned save for the whole selling-my-stuff-in-their-etsy-shop.

It takes away the joy of swapping.


In the swap I just did, one of the girls opened her package and took out the items. She then put hers in the same envelope, resealed it and wrote "return to sender" without paying a cent in shipping! I felt horrible for the girl who paid a lot in shipping while her partner paid nothing.


I think you said things many people feel, I really scope out my swaps before I join in, like who is involved, and who reads the blog posts, and the requirements. Thanks for sharing.


Sigh---after co-hosting several swaps this year, I've seen a lot of what you mention which is disheartening with the exception of the etsy part (that I've noticed). It makes it extremely hard on the hostesses as well--as we often feel like we have to make up for the bad swappers our participants get stuck with or get flaked on since we set them up together.

The good part is, there are a whole lot more swappers with ethics and morals than the ones without--phew :) And-you can make such good friends with all the peeps that play nice! :)


Thank you Ellia for posting this,it was well said.Love Mom


I agree with all that you said. I've had some bad experiences with swaps and that's what turns me off. But I've also had some lovely people who put so much time and effort into the swap packages. I wish I had more of them.

I'm so picky with swaps now cause I have had quite a few bad ones.


Well said! You are a patient angel for organizing such lovely swaps. And it is true that you meet many nice people who enjoy crafting for and swapping with others! Thanks!

Jessica Hood

I get very put out with these issues, too. I'm waiting on several swap packages from months ago. So annoying when I try to always send early. And it really irks me when people obviously do NOT read your likes/dislikes. But I have to say the one you posted about that blows my mind is someone selling items they received in a swap. That is above & beyond insulting!

a writer's woolgatherings

Oy! That would be enough to discourage anyone from swapping, I think.


Oooo...I'm glad I sent on time! Hee-hee. I do have one comment about posting and blogging photos. If it's a public swap I ALWAYS post photos and blog them right away. If it's a personal swap though, sometimes I don't. For instance...when I see a lovely little something I really want from your dear Mother, and other people have posted about how badly they love and/or want it on the thread but I happen to be the LUCKY one who she agreed to swap with, then I don't like posting about it because I don't want to make the others jealous or sound like I'm bragging about getting it, or that Nina is choosing one over the other. Does that sound appropriate? I would never want Nina to think that I am ungrateful! I'd be interested in your and Nina's opinions.

*Sending hugs...hoping things get better with your swaps!


I had such a great experience with my first ever swap (Something Old Something New). I really was looked after by the swapping powers at be, and I have some great ideas on how I can better my contribution for next time. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to blog/photograph it yet - have been a bit off and the computer has been on the blink, but hopefully this week. xx


The things you and some of the comments have noted go way beyond the 'bad' experiences I've had. I'm also pretty choosy about which swaps to join. It has to be organised by someone I consider trustworthy and the participants people I recognise as experienced and good swappers. I could certainly list amazing, wonderful swapper who go above and beyond and humble me with the parcels they send. I have to admit - while my photos go into flickr straight away with all my thanks, my blog has been severely neglected recently. After posting this I'm going straight over there to update with the latest swaps I received. I would so hate to think my partner didn't think I was grateful in any way.
As for selling stuff on ebay and posting a re-packaged parcel back 'return to sender'.....geez. Who'da thought?? Some people are unreal.


omg.. i hate when all that happen :(((( i got frustrated reading all that i can only imagine when it happens especial the part when some one puts on etsy and sell the stuff you send ::sigh:: is this what people turn in to, really sad!!


omg.. i hate when all that happen :(((( i got frustrated reading all that i can only imagine when it happens especial the part when some one puts on etsy and sell the stuff you send ::sigh:: is this what people turn in to, really sad!!


omg.. i hate when all that happen :(((( i got frustrated reading all that i can only imagine when it happens especial the part when some one puts on etsy and sell the stuff you send ::sigh:: is this what people turn in to, really sad!!

Heather T.

I've had good and bad experiences and the last bad experience left me with such an awful feeling that I haven't had the courage to do another one! My budget is tight so I don't want to waste my money on someone who won't appreciate at least half as much as I do. I just don't understand the mentality behind doing any of the things on that list.

mary ann

i so hear ya ellia! my sentiments exactly!!! xx mary ann


well, I loved to read this post, it was such a good moment of reading ;)
I agree with you (I think in everything!!), when we start doing swaps we have to know all about that and pray to have good swap buddies ;) I've already received very bad swaps (with things that I really hate!!), swaps that come late and once I send my part of the swap but I still didn't receive the swap from my partner (and it was a year ago!!)... but I've already received very good swaps, lovely things that should take lots of time to prepare (lie yours, for example!!) ;)
I hope that I was a good swap buddy to you, Ellia!! ;)


I know what you mean about swaps - but the nicest one I ever did was with you as swap buddy: http://unafloresita.blogspot.com/2006/12/holiday-swap-goodies-from-ellia.html

Everything you sent was amazing and I hope you liked what I sent as much as I loved making it! Seriously, though, I don't know how people could turn around and sell things they got in a swap. Or, people who hang around swaps hoping to get amazing things and send next to nothing in return... they totally deserve to get coal in their stockings!


Oh my goodness, I'm mortified by all of this, I'm brand new to blogging, I just started to read about swapping but now I'm scared, good thing it'll take me a while to get my craftiness ball rolling to have anything to swap. I linked here from All The Stuff I Like which is where I very suddenly got very excited about the prospect of swaps and then very soon after became very despondent, but I'm so glad I stopped by, I'll make sure and link you on my blog for all your useful information, Love It !

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