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Yes its true nothing happens by chance its call destiny and purpose but one thing for sure we all must have listenging ears and hearts to go and take a chance ok I will stop being a mother.
Ellia that is great and you do have some really awesome connections!!!

Blake C Himsl Hunter

great post!!!!!


Ellia, I'm struggling with alot of the same thoughts right now so I was so happy to see your post today. Money for supplies going out, not much coming back in yet. We have to hang on to the "yet". Your artwork is SO amazing. The things you do with paper, glue and an exacto knife just blow me away. Do it for you, and diego, and isabella, and even ramel-the rest WILL fall into place. You have way too much talent for it not to. And then when you're rich and famous with books, and licensing deals, and all that jazz...you'll look back on this and remember how it was, and how the life you have know influences your art and your creativity. Viva la dreams!!!!


i loved reading this! as my husband and i were discussing the other day, it's all about connections and who you know. you know some people and you're talented and you have a desire to succeed. Success can't be to far off. :0)

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