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Ellia, I am just so glad you liked it all, and that Diego is getting such great use out of his backpack, I mean, cape. :0) That prit from Magpie Skinny is great and would be perfect in the kids room.

Tanya Nichols

baby!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see her sweet face!!!!! Love love love love love love the print...adorable and Im sure your tiny ones will love the superhero frog!

Great Dane Addict

April 1st is a good day to have Miss Isabella. That is my niece's birthday!


you look beautiful Ellia!!! not long to go now...cant wait!!


Ellia, I'm excited to see baby Isabella, too!! I hope for your sake you have a early April birth, I know you are ready. The last few weeks always seem the longest but you'll be staring into her beautiful eyes before you know it!!

Superman is a cutie too....ohhh I mean Diego...lol :) I'm glad he's getting to share in the goodies stash too.




we are all so excited to meet isabella. I will be praying for you with labor getting so near!! :-) what an exciting time. the anticipation is so much fun isn't it? you are sweeter than me.. there wasnt much I liked about being pregnant :p


Sooooo you've confirmed it's a girl!!! YAhoo!

Happy for you girlie. How is the little one with the excitement of the arrival of little baby girl?

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