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Cute, cute tea set and wrapping paper. And at least you know Diego will respond to something. There are some days it just about drives me crazy the amount of times I'll call my son's name and he'll act like he never heard me. Sometimes I do think he's so much in his own world that he doesn't hear me; other times, he's just being silly. :0)


Diego is so cute, they grow up too fast, and I love tea sets, really anything that's girly I love, you can see that in the things I make, I really try to think out of the box, but is not easy. the cupcake is too cute.


I thought Diego was Superman! You've shattered the illusion now!

Cute paper and I'm sure Isabella will love her tea set :)


Oh Diego!

He's so cute... and funny! He's going to be such a fun big brother!


Aw, my little sister had that same tea set when she was a tiny pain in my rear. It's a classic.


Awwww Diego is such the cutie!!!

How cool to go "shopping" at Mom's house! It sounds like she has a great collection of finds!


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