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what a gorgeous
belly...you're on the home stretch now!!


What a great hill for Diego to play cars on!

I'm on for an order when your back illustrating in May - I was going to put one in sooner but everytime I visit you just seemed to have too much stuff on the go.

Enjoy your maternity leave :)

Tanya Nichols

OH how exciting!! A baby!!!!!!!!!!!! get some rest and I hope you can relax before baby gets here...


5 weeks wow!
you are really on the
homestretch now!

hope you enjoy your "break"


I have never seen such a beautiful pregnant woman, I looked awful for all my boys, no really, I have the pictures to prove it, but wont post any (lol). have a great rest and can't wait to see the new baby. Hey don't forget to mail me my stuff. (lol).


Every "new" mom needs a break no matter how many children they have. SO ENJOY THE TIME. You know how quickly they grow so slow down and post lots pix of baby toes(and big brother toes)

li li

Enjoy your break and rest well! Take care!! ^o^


wow the final countdown - how cute is your tummy??????


take care ellia-- and sleep now while you can =)


I judt wanted to let you know that your goodies were waiting for me in America when I arrived and I was elated with the wonderful quality of your things!!! I wish I had bought them ALL!!!!

Best of luck with the new Haricots Verts!


Enjoy your break before the arrival of your sweet baby :)

Get some rest now, Momma lucy says so;)



Your little bub will be arriving soon!! Rest up and take care... Can't wait to see the little sweet baby ... Until then, I'm sure we will miss your work but Baby First!

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