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Your blue girl is so pretty. If I could be pretty while I am blue ,I would be like her hahahaha


Great illos!! I really like the "layers" you use.


great patterns and those arms are amazing, maybe molly can afford the necklace in the summer. her hair and striped shirt are lovely.

Steph (Khya)

Love your blue girl and love your story. You have a very interesting technique.

Christine Lim-Simpson

Poor Molly! Love the use of various textured and pattern papers. Lovely illo.


Really love your blue girl. She looks torn. Wonderful work.


I like this work a lot, is it collague or computer work?


Great use of shades of blue and textures. You do very nice work. Their limbs are so unique. Poor skinny little girls. LOL She should treat herself more often if she feels that she'd rather live in the dark than return her necklace. ;D


I love your work and your blog is great to read. Have you illustrated any books? Would you mind if I link your blog to mine?


This is beautiful!


"Today for you...tomorrow for me!" (Rent) GREAT illo!!!!!


i like the blue girl she is very pretty-arent we all faced with difficult decisions like this--hahaha great work lil sis!


She's cool She reminds me of Wednesday from the Adams Family. She has that haunted look.


Poor Molly...great illustration.


Very nice. She reminded me of Wednesday Adams also.


sooooo cute!


Awww! She's just adorable! I hope she keeps the necklace and enjoys it in the dark. Because before too long, it will get lighter much later and she won't need the lights turned on!!! :O) HA!

Nice job!!


This is so sweet and delicate. I really like the various shades of blue and your use of pattern and shape.


really diggin your style! great use and effect of paper layers.


Oh what an awesome illo. Love it!


Dude, not only does this girl look like me, but her personality fits me to a tee!

Too close to home...too close.

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