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Piotr Walczuk

I always enjoy cutout, it's almost a dying art. I'd love to try it sometime, great illustration!


yer funny and your illo is darling!


Really cute. Congratulations on not cutting yourself on that delicate snowflake! Great job!

Christine Lim-Simpson

How lovely! I like the idea and the style. Cut-outs are just good fun! Very creative approach to the theme.

lil kim

very nice! I like the xpression.


Love your work! Especially liked Lazy Elsa.


incredible! I didn't think anyone did cut paper any more - and that you managed to do it so well with such tiny material is astonishing. Its beautiful.

Creative Kismet

All of your art is really great. Everything is so whimsical and sweet. I especially like the fairies. Great job on the snowflake!


Are you going to use the snoflake on your tree this year?

You illustration is super cute.


Fantastic illo. This is quite a special piece with the cut out snowflake-so delicate. I'm a sucker for intricate and tiny details and I love this. Cheers! :)


This illustration and all your others is captivating. Your paper collection makes me envious and your talent even moreso.
What a wonderful direction your art has taken you. All the Best!


WOW! yr paper sculpture is super nice!!!
i like the background(so crazy) behind and that tiny snow(so sweet:D)~


Hey that's a wonderful piece of work! Before I learnt Illustrator & Photoshop, I used to do lots of cut-outs too but now I find it too messy. I'm too dependent on 'undo-ing' with just a few clicks!Yours are simply amazing! Especially love your Pretty Panties. It's really Pretty.


what a lovely image! ~ your work is amazing -- the details are incredible, and the overall image is so sweet! i'm definitely going to be visiting your blog again to see more of your work! :)


Oh I love it!!!
very beautiful and happy image!!


Wow... perfect and so special!! Small miracles:)


Wow! Paper art! I see it mass produced in the card stores, but this stuff is amazing.

I would hardly say that I've worked with paper before, but I did do some 2-D and 3-D stuff in college, and MAN, I do NOT have that kind of patience.

I can really appreciate the time and effort you put into your work. Good job!


love that teeny little snowflake, amazing work. :)

Julie Oakley

Lovely work - I really enjoyed looking through your blog at all the other pieces - really beautiful


OH WOW!! Woooooo .... this is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT!! IT's a masterpiece! THe character is awesome and love your collage style!! All your illos are sooooo GREAT!!


OH WOW!! Woooooo .... this is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT!! IT's a masterpiece! THe character is awesome and love your collage style!! All your illos are sooooo GREAT!!


Well you did it again ! Are you sure you dont have arms like that ?hahahahaha and and I bet you have a blouse like that.hahahaha Your work is so beautiful .Love you know who


This is sooooo nice. Really, really like it!!! and your son is sooo quite... I have a three-year old daughter myself too! :D

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